The Yankee Stock Market

Alright, so after 6 games, the Yanks are 3-3. So whose stocks are up and whose are down?


Joba Chamberlain: Hasn’t missed a beat. He’s almost been good enough to make me want to keep him in relief. Well, until I see Mussina come out and struggle to throw 86.

Mariano Rivera: He’s performed well, but I study his outings very closely and he hasn’t actually been quite vintage Mo. His location has been off, as it often is early in the year. Against the Blue Jays especially he had some balls hit hard off him, luckily they were fieldable. Also, I don’t know if anyone else noticed, but during his save on Sunday, he seemed to throw a 4-seamer that broke the opposite direction of his cutter. Was he wild, or actually developing a new twist?

Bobby Abreu: Off to a good start, though some more power would be good.

Alex Rodriguez: Business as usual for the MVP.

Melky Cabrera: The Game 1 defense was impressive.

Brian Bruney: Looks like a good candidate for a bounce back year.

Jon Albaladejo: Kept the Yankees in the game, though was rewarded by going to AAA.

Billy Traber: Good spring continues.

Chien-Ming Wang: Pitching like a #1. No effects so far from last year’s postseason.

Phil Hughes: Hopefully he can build off a solid first start. Hard to believe he’s 21.


Mike Mussina: Moose wasn’t actually that bad, but a lot has been made of his diminished velocity. Still did keep the Yankees in the game.

LaTroy Hawkins: I don’t care what his number is. He just hasn’t been good.

Kyle Farnsworth: Honestly, if Girardi salvages one out of Bruney and Farnsworth, I’m happy.

Ian Kennedy: Bad start, but that was one of the worst strike zones I’ve seen in recent memories. IPK didn’t have the control to not get those corner strikes.

All other offensive players: I think part of the reason the Yanks tend to get off to slow starts with their killer offense is this: first few series of the year, they are facing good pitching. Teams are healthy, the pitchers are fresh. When teams like the Yanks really start to rake is come midseason when some teams are digging into their 6th and 7th starters. Think about it: what are the odds the Blue Jays have Halladay, Burnett, and McGowen healthy in 2 or 3 months?


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