It always comes down to free throws

Just a brief non-baseball comment:

The Men’s College Basketball Final last night was highly entertaining, but I’m still trying to understand how Memphis could blow a lead like that.

Well I mean, I guess the answer is simple: free throws.  But that’s what I don’t get.  How can these elite players be so bad at shooting free throws?  Don’t they practice this stuff almost everyday?  I can make them at a pretty good rate and I only play occasionally.

I’ve heard people criticize Memphis for not fouling when Kansas was going for the tying three-pointer, but again, it came back to free throws.  Could Memphis afford to get into a free throw shooting battle with Kansas or would they be better served forcing Kansas to hit a difficult three?  Well, they chose the later and lost, but if they fouled KU and then the Kansas player made both, Memphis would be staring at a 1-point game, where if they went 1 for 2 at the line (a distinct possibility) the game would then be down to 2.  20 seconds can seem like an eternity when each team is fouling.

Obviously in hindsight Memphis should have fouled, but it’s not like they gave Kansas a good look.


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