Why does anyone care what Goose Gossage thinks

How many times do I have to wake up to find an article about Goose Gossage and Joba Chamberlain from a major NY paper? Well, today it’s from the post and Dan Martin. Is writing one of these articles a requirement for employment?

“I don’t think there’s any question he’s better off in the bullpen,” Gossage said. “How are you going to replace that guy?”

You’re going to replace him with a pitcher who doesn’t have the ability to be a great starter, for one. I know, I know, Goose is a Hall of Famer now, so what he says must be true, but isn’t it a bit obvious what his answer will be considering he was a reliever, tried to become a starter and failed, and then had a HOF career as a reliever? Of course he’ll say keep Joba in the bullpen!

Why don’t we survey some pitchers who started as relievers and became successful starters? Why don’t we see what Johan Santana thinks about it?

“I think they know the value of him where he is,” Gossage said. “That’s been their Achilles heel for a long time. When you start going back and forth, that’s when trouble starts. I can’t imagine them taking him out of the bullpen. His whole makeup suits that position well.”

Well put Goose. They do know the value of him where he is, which is significantly lower than his value if he were starting. But you’re wrong on the rest. You know the Yankees real Achilles Heal? Starting pitching. Why do you think Jeff Nelson, Mike Stanton,and Ramiro Mendoza looked so good back in the late 90s? If you have great starting pitching that goes deep into games, it’s much easier to not overextend your bullpen. Even if you’re Joe Torre.

And his whole makeup? You mean, being a 4-pitch (maybe 5) pitcher who has been a starter his whole life?

The Goose then talks about Joba’s “fist pump” incident, which I’m not even going to get into because it’s the biggest non-story since A-Rod said he didn’t have sleepover parties with Jeter anymore.


One response to “Why does anyone care what Goose Gossage thinks

  1. Agreed. Joba has much more value as a starter. The Yankees do have a plan for him, they’re just limiting his innings a bit at the beginning. Eventually he’ll be in the rotation. Goose has a lot more big league experience than I do, but it sure sound like he’s spewing a lot more nonsense clouded by personal bias than solid baseball opinion.

    A good starter is more valuable than a good reliever in my opinion. With guys like Ohlendorf, Traber, Bruney, Albaladejo and Rivera available, Joba’s bullpen value isn’t all that high. With Pettitte, Mussina, Kennedy and Hughes in the Rotation being inconsistent, Joba’s value in the starting rotation is even higher.

    The fist pumping debate needs to go away. What’s next, fans being limited to golf claps only?


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