Post Exclusive!

The New York Yankees are the most popular team in American sports. There are countless number of people who write about them on the internet and they are covered by a plethora of news sources. So yeah, it’s hard to break a story about them.

However, it also says something that I am able to consistently read all of the sites on my blogroll, and in general I find something interesting in each.

So why must we be inundated with “news stories” that aren’t really news?

Why are blogs replacing newspapers? Because of garbage like this.

The NYPost has decided it’s a story that someone may have put a Red Sox shirt below the visitor’s dugout at the new Yankee stadium. If it was just a blip at the end of an article, I wouldn’t have a problem with it.

But no, it ran on the front page. As an “exclusive.” Give me a break.

The best part (and by best, I mean worst) is the picture that accompanies the article. The subtext says that the Yankees-Red Sox rivalry “just got uglier,” and the picture is of Posada holding back an angry Youkilis. Really? It’s uglier? The players are angry with each other because a construction worker may or may not have ruined a Red Sox T-shirt?


One response to “Post Exclusive!

  1. I don’t understand why someone thinks that burying a Red Sox jersey is “good luck” for the Red Sox. The Giants got some awfully good luck this year from having Jimmy Hoffa buried in the endzone…

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