Ugh, Joe Morgan

I hate Yankees – Red Sox series because the Saturday game is always on FOX and we have to listen to Joe Buck and Tim McCarver. Then on Sunday night we have to listen to Joe Morgan.

Well Joe didn’t waste much time tonight. When told that the Yankees had not stolen a base yet this year, he went on a rant saying they just aren’t good at that anymore. The Yankees stole 123 bases last year, 4th in the league.

Morgan then went on, saying the Yankees had Damon who could steal bases and then Cano and that’s pretty much it because Abreu can’t steal bases anymore.

SB Last Year:

Cano: 4
Abreu: 25
A-Rod: 24
Melky: 13

Way to know what you’re talking about Joe. Just because Cano is batting second tonight doesn’t mean he can steal. And just because the Yankees haven’t won the World Series recently, doesn’t mean they’ve regressed at basestealing.


One response to “Ugh, Joe Morgan

  1. Joe really got on my nerves last night in the late innings when he got on his soapbox about steroids. Regardless of what he said, he should have shut up a lot sooner. Instead we missed details of the pitching change, a hit, a few pinch runners/hitters. Any decent color guy knows to stop talking as soon as something happens in the game, giving the play-by-play caller a chance to report the action.
    Miller was funny, calling strikeouts on balls, fouls and fall tips all night, and then having to stop mid sentence and apologize. Settle down already.

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