Faith in Bruney

Good win tonight, though it’s a shame that IPK got hit on the side and had to be taken out – I think he would have gotten a few more outs and the win.

The bullpen will be maligned for giving up the lead, but Traber just had to learn what many lefties have – Carl Crawford can hit soft breaking stuff away and hit it hard.

Bruney made some vintage “Bruney” mistakes – dealing good pitches to hit with 2 strikes (though on the bright side, at least he didn’t walk anyone). That said, I believe this was an important outing for Bruney. After the game Girardi said, regarding Bruney (paraphrasing): “No one’s going to be perfect. He’s going to make mistakes. But he picked us up afterwards and got two huge outs in the 8th.”

Is there any way that Joe Torre leaves Bruney in for the 8th? Yeah, maybe he pulls him before the Longoria homerun and the Yankees maintain a lead through 7. However, leaving Bruney in to face 2 batters in the 8th (that were good matchups for him) will allow him to take something good away and hopefully maintain his confidence. And after last season, it’s obvious that confidence is very important for Bruney.


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