The Yankee Stock Market 4/15

Another week in. Whose stock is up? Whose is down?


Hideki Matsui
: I had concerns with Matsui’s knee early on, but he has forced his way into the #5 slot behind A-Rod. The guy is simply a good offensive player and is often overlooked. Glad that Matsui to the Giants for Noah Lowry and/or other equally mediocre pitchers rumor went away.

Alberto Gonzalez
: Looked great defensively subbing for Derek Jeter. Also had a couple of big hits. With all the talk of him being simply a defensive player, I expected him to look over-matched at the plate, and that was definitely not the case.

Jose Molina: Molina has been a doubles machine. Too bad he’s out for a couple weeks now.

Mariano Rivera: I never want to jinx this site’s namesake. But he’s been good.

Melky Cabrera: He was on here last week for his defense, but he’s been showing signs offensively as well.


Jason Giambi
: He’s been hitting the ball hard and playing very serviceable defense. But man, he just can’t seem to get a hit. He’s also hit the ball a couple times where I thought for sure it was a home run and it was only a lazy fly. Not a good sign.

Johnny Damon
: Similar to Giambi, another veteran who I expected to bounce back who hasn’t.

Robinson Cano: He’s pinch-hit home run was a good sign, but he’s looked terrible overall. No patience. The thing about Cano is more patience doesn’t lead to more walks for him really; he’s not that kind of player. But when he waits for his pitch, he’ll generally find more balls that he can drive.

Phil Hughes: He’s received some negative press and I feel somewhat obligated to list him here. But his start against the Red Sox wasn’t nearly as bad as it looked. Dice-K also had control problems, but he got a couple of double plays and favorable bounces. The roles easily could have been reversed.

Jorge Posada: The injury is the concern here obviously. Unlike Jeter’s, which was obviously temporary, Posada’s injury could linger and the Yankees have enough DH-type players. They need Posada behind the plate a couple times a week.

Alex Rodriguez: He didn’t win a championship in the last week. How dare he!?


3 responses to “The Yankee Stock Market 4/15

  1. I’m not too down on Damon. His hitting numbers are on their way down, but he still gets on base and steals bases. He does a lot of the little things right, and plays decent defense in the outfield.

    Cano hasn’t looked sharp behind the plate or at 2nd. Disappointing start.

    Giambi is worthless to me. Get rid of him and stick Ensberg or Duncan at first.

    I’ve been thinking perhaps the Yanks should move the ailing Posada over to 1st and see how he does, then trading one of their extra OF/1B/DHs.

    I give Hughes one more start before I think about a stint in the minors for him.

  2. His hip aside (he says he won’t miss a start), what’s the feeling on Ian Kennedy?

  3. I think IPK has been solid. He is going to struggle when he can’t get calls on the outside and has mediocre command, which was the case in his first start. He should continue to be a solid back of the rotation type, especially if the offense comes around.

    With both him and Hughes, the Yankees just need to be patient and take the good with the bad. They’re both 23 or younger. They’re only going to get better.

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