Doomed from the start

This isn’t Yankee related, but I feel obliged to comment on the Knicks finally announcing that Isiah Thomas will not be returning as coach.

I’ve been a die-hard Knicks and Giants fan for quite some time and there was a period during the 90s when the Knicks were probably my top interest. Even in the past few years when the Knicks have been awful, I’ve still watched a good portion of their games and cheered. I mean, they’re my team. The Yankees were bad in the early 90s and I still cheered for them.

This year was different. I watched maybe 5 games all season. The Knicks were simply the worst team in basketball, from a fans perspective. What I mean by that is, maybe they weren’t the worst team talent wise, but when you combine their bad performance with their unlikeability and lack of hope for the future, you get a truly depressing team.

The team needs to be blown up, almost completely. Obviously everyone likes David Lee, but he’s not someone you build around. No one should be untouchable. Someone could take Marbury’s expiring deal or just let it come off the books next summer. Either Curry or Randolph MUST be traded (if not both). Release Jerome James. Give away Quentin Richardson and Jared Jeffries. And most importantly, hope the ping pong balls bring Derrick Rose to New York.


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