How long for Giambi?

Jason Giambi is still struggling and his double play with the bases loaded and 1 out today was frustrating, even though the Yankees were able to win anyways. Giambi’s defense has been passable, though his inability to throw to second base makes me think he has some sort of Chuck Knoblauch disorder.

But if Giambi doesn’t hit, there is no reason to play him. Girardi keeps saying they like what they see from Giambi, insinuating his struggles have been the result of bad luck (which after only 20 games is certainly plausible). However, if Giambi doesn’t start hitting soon, the Yankees will be forced to start giving first base time to Ensberg, Duncan, and maybe even Posada.

This is the last year on Giambi’s contract, so if it turns out he’s really finished (which I don’t think will be the case), the Yankees could always release him. Then he could join Barry Bonds, Frank Thomas, Sammy Sosa, Mike Piazza, and Kenny Lofton on the Unemployed All-Stars.


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