Hank Steinbrenner: I like to talk

You’ve really got to wonder what the point is of Hank Steinbrenner opening his mouth. He has made every effort to show that he is a more educated version of his father: up until now, he supposedly understood the importance of prospects, inning limits, starting pitching, and patience in general.

Now here were are, 20 games into the season, and he is supposedly demanding that Joba be put in the rotation.

Look Hank, I’m happy you understand that Joba is more valuable as a starter. But you also claim to understand innings limits – Joba cannot be moved into the starting rotation for at least another month. Otherwise, he’s done come August or come next year we’re scheduling him for surgery. This is not really that complicated. You are partially in charge of running the team. I don’t care how long you’ve been away, I could explain these things to you in a couple of minutes.

I am not thrilled over having Mike Mussina get killed every five days, but all things considered, he hasn’t been that terrible. The Yankees need a good 150 innings from him this year to spell the young guy and the bullpen.

Jaimie Moyer may be hanging on to his pitching life over in the NL, but I promise you if he were with the Yankees, he wouldn’t be faring as well.

Cashman has said that nothing has changed. As such, this smacks of a
simple attempt by Hank to get back in the spotlight and show New
Yorkers that he wants to win now, while at the same time getting the
team riled up.

The worst part of the whole thing is it inspired ESPN to start a live chat debate over what Joba’s role should be, as if Hank is now at odds with the rest of the organization. Every person in the organization, unless you count Goose Gossage (and I don’t), agrees that Joba will be a starter once he innings cap makes it reasonable.

Now get with the program, Hank.


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