Hank: I want A-Rod in lineup

In a sign that Hank Steinbrenner plans on being heavily involved in the 2008 New York Yankees, he released a statement to the press today demanding Alex Rodriguez be put in the lineup.

“It’s absolutely stupid for A-Rod to be on the bench and I just won’t stand for it,” the irate Steinbrenner said. “This is my team and I have the say.”

When reporters tried to walk away, Hank called them back, saying “Alex is the best hitter in the game. I understand how baseball works. You have to let your best hitters hit. That’s how you win.”


After speaking with GM Brian Cashman, Hank Steinbrenner released the following quote: “Alex Rodriguez will remain on the bench for now, until he is healed from his injury. But make no mistake: he’ll be back in the lineup soon, and that’s where everyone wants him. Cashman and I are on the same page.”


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