Is that it for Posada?

Is Jorge Posada’s season over?

A masterful performance by Chien-Ming Wang (today’s verdict: he’s an ace!) has been somewhat overshadowed by Jorge Posada heading to the DL. He has the dreaded appointment with Dr. James Andrews, so it may be serious. At this point, it would not surprise me if the Yankees lose Jorge for the season.

Obviously, it’s too bad the Yankees just DFA’d Chad Moeller, who played admirably and would be a good backup to Jose Molina. But the the real question is, can the Yankees offense survive the loss of Posada? Well, probably.

But now the room for error is small: Can Cano snap out of his slump? Can Giambi be a consistent power threat or can Ensberg or Duncan step up? Can the top and middle of the order stay healthy?

It’s reasonable to answer yes to those questions, but they’re still questions.

A promising development though is Melky Cabrera. Melky coming into the season was the “weak link” in the order, yet now he’s getting on-base at a .356 clip and he has 5 HRs. Of course this probably won’t last all year, but his improved offensive performance will make the dropoff from Posada to Molina hurt less.


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