Does John Kruk know what year it is?

This probably isn’t fair, because the answer to the above question could honestly be no. But on Baseball Tonight, they were assessing the Orioles long-term chances of winning the AL East.

Well, ole Krukie thinks they got a shot. That’s fine. Why you ask? Because maybe their young pitching in Daniel Cabrera, Adam Loewen, etc will start to come along? Perhaps Adam Jones develops faster than thought? Does Nick Markakis make the leap to superstar?

No. It’s because Kevin Millar, Aubrey Huff, and Melvin Mora are better players than they’ve been showing.

Has Kruk actually been watching baseball recently? Not one of those 3 players has had an above-average season in the past 3. The fact that they are still contributing to a major league team at this point has to be considered a success for each one of them.

Were this 2003? Then yeah, I think Kruk’s got a point.

It’s worth noting though that immediately following Kruk’s rambling, Buck Showalter scoffed at the idea of the O’s contending and said they need to realize what they really are (ie, a bad baseball team). So sanity was restored.


One response to “Does John Kruk know what year it is?

  1. It’s kind of sad, really. His All-Star ballot probably hasn’t changed since 2002.

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