I am going on record as saying this is the first time this season that the Yankees have truly started to frustrate me. The pitching has been alright: Wang, Mo, and Joba have been sensational and it’s hard to ask for too much more from Moose and even Pettitte (despite his last two outings being mediocre).

The real problem is the offense. This is an offense that should be amongst the top 3 in baseball and it quite simply has not been. What’s worse is it seems like once the Yankees lose the lead, they assume they’re done. The past two nights against the Tigers, as soon as the Tigers got up by a couple runs, it seemed like the game was over. Where are the late inning comebacks? Are the Yankees going to be intimidated by Todd Jones?

I am of course optimistic that the offense will indeed come around, but I hope it’s soon, because even I can’t stay positive forever.


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