The Yankee Stock Market 5/6


Chien-Ming Wang, Mariano Rivera, Joba Chamberlain: Nothing more needs to be said. All are in the “up” category until further notice.

Melky Cabrera: I am excited to see him come to the plate in a big spot. He has both patience and power. The Yankees were right not to trade for Johan Santana, more because of the Melk-Man than because of their young starters though, at this point.

Alberto Gonzalez: Inexplicably batting just as well in the majors as in the minors. The defense is as-advertised.

Darrell Rasner: Rasner has never been taken seriously as a prospect, but he is still only 27 years old. It is quite conceivable that he’s the real deal, at least as a back of the rotation guy.

Johnny Damon: Finally starting to swing the bat the way everyone envisioned when he was signed. Seems to be a good fit in LF as well.

Mike Mussina: Building momentum; it’s been over a year since he’s been able to get guys to swing and miss with some consistency.


Robinson Cano: As of a week ago, reported that he was dead last in the league in VORP. His homerun on Sunday doesn’t necessarily prove to me that he’s on the mend; after all, that’s what everyone said after his pinch-hit homerun weeks ago. Guess this will teach the Yankees not to try and lock up their young talent to long term deals before it’s necessary.

Phil Hughes: It’s disappointing that he’s out until probably July, but there are some positives, as I noted a few days ago. What I find most perplexing: Hughes is almost 22 and is a major league pitcher and yet they are just not figuring out that he’s near sighted? I found out I was near sighted in 5th grade. How could a professional athlete not know?

Ian Kennedy: A control pitcher who suddenly has no control. Does he actually have a broken rib and a vision problem as well? Perhaps maybe just shin splints and a torn contact? I’ll take anything at this point.

Joe Girardi: Some questionable moves lately and he’s quickly falling out of favor with the media. I think he’ll right the ship, but there will be some rocky days.

Jason Giambi: Bunt down the third base line already. Please.


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