Was Kennedy sent down too soon?

Ian Kennedy dominated in Triple-A last night, throwing a no-hitter for over 5 innings and finishing with 8 Ks and 0 BBs. Was this just the confidence boost he needed? Or did the Yankees panic a bit?

I’m inclined to believe the later. I know Kennedy was struggling, but with Hughes injured, I think it would have made sense to give Kennedy at least one more turn through the rotation. At a time when the Yankees have to call up one pitcher, why elect to call up two unless it’s absolutely necessary?

Darrell Rasner pitched very well in his first start, but is it really more likely that Kei Igawa will follow with a nice start of his own than that Kennedy would have gotten himself back on track?

It looks like Kennedy will do one more start in Scranton before heading back to the big leagues. I just don’t think there is much left for IPK to accomplish in the minors.


One response to “Was Kennedy sent down too soon?

  1. From the Daily News:

    “I woke up today and told my wife, ‘I have a feeling I’m just going to make these guys look stupid,'” said Kennedy, laughing. “I’m trying to say it humbly, it doesn’t matter. ”

    To quote the great Lou Brown, “Good! I like that kind’a spirit in a player!”

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