David Wells?

So apparently David Wells wants to be a Yankee again. My initial reaction to this was an immediate “No.” Then I thought about it some more.

Wells was terrible last year, pitching in the National League. The Yankees have a plethora of more viable arms in Triple-A.

So yeah, the answer is still no.

So I kept thinking and perhaps there IS a way the Yankees could use Wells (and I mean really use him on the baseball field; sending him to party with David Ortiz or having him eat all the junk food in the Yankee clubhouse, while both good ideas, are not the type of thing I’m talking about). What if Wells tried to redefine himself as a reliever/long man? Historically, he’s been good against lefties, he has a rubber arm, and he has been a reliever in the past (though it was long ago). So if Hank signed him to a minor league deal, would it be in the end of the world? As of right now, the Yankees don’t have anyone who profiles well as a long man or a lefty specialist. Wells could be both.

Well, with all that said, I still don’t want it to happen because the Yankees don’t really need it. But if it does happen, I just hope they don’t guarantee him a spot in the rotation.


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