Two tired stories meet

Two things I hoped to never see again in the media: talk of Joba Chamberlain’s “celebration” and anything mentioning Goose Gossage’s opinion. Well, now they’ve been combined into one annoying non-story.

Goose doesn’t like Joba’s “antics.”

They aren’t antics. It’s a fist pump and a yell. Countless pitchers have done something to this effect and still do. Randy Johnson always yells. K-Rod jumps and screams. Papelbon does a stupid dance. You get the idea.

I’m not going to get into all the reasons why we shouldn’t care what Goose thinks. I’ve done that before.

But I have to ask: isn’t Goose the same guy who says you need to throw at opposing players? And always says how it was different in his day because you actually hated your opponent?

Right, but that Joba, he shouldn’t pump his fist to celebrate his own achievement. That’s just rude.


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