Notes on a busy weekend

A nice 5 game win-streak bookended by a couple frustrating loses, but it looks like the Yankees are finally starting to play like… well the Yankees.

Some thoughts:

  • I still like Jose Veras. I think he can help the Yankees over the long haul.
  • Edwar Ramirez must be given every opportunity. He doesn’t have anything left to accomplish in the minors or in garbage time. The Yankees will have to find out soon if he can get it done in big spots.
  • I am a bit surprised that Morgan Ensberg is still around instead of Alberto Gonzalez. But Alberto needs regular ABs, which he’ll get in AAA. Though honestly I think Ensberg would be gone if Shelley Duncan were hitting. At this point, I think the Yankees are just hoping one of them comes around, since they do deperately need a right-handed bat off the bench.
  • If everytime the Yankee bullpen gives up a run, the media immediately blames not having Joba there… well I may go insane.
  • How quick was Giambi’s turnaround? He went from being a liability to being one of the Yankees’ best hitters. The lesson of course: be patient. (And if you’re wondering why the Yankees keep running Duncan out there against lefties: because they’re being patient. If you don’t use Duncan againt left handers, there’s is no point to even having him.)
  • Would it be possible to schedule a few more games against Seattle?

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