A frustrating game

Some thoughts from a very frustrating, rain-delayed game:

  • In general, I’m a fan of Joe Girardi. But I don’t know how he can keep Ohlendorf as the longman. At this point, it’s clear that Ohlendorf can’t go more than 2 innings and is best used for only 1. With the immense amount of pitching depth the Yankees have, why can’t they call up a true longman?
  • I understood the signing of LaTroy Hawkins – seriously, I did. Sure, everyone knows by now that when the Yankees sign previously successful veterans in the bullpen those pitchers fail miserably. But it was important to have at least one middle reliever that was a known quantity for eating innings at least. However, looking at the depth of guys the Yankees could call up – Britton, Patterson, JB Cox, eventually Melancon – can Hawkins really end up lasting the year?
  • Sometimes I really wonder about injuries in baseball. Sure, Kennedy is hurt. But he was also pitching poorly at a time when the Yankees are looking to jettison a starter to make room for Joba.
  • To anyone who thinks having Joba in the bullpen would have been the answer last night: do you think the Yanks would have lost that game with Joba the STARTER giving them a quality start? Actually, hell with quality, do you think he could have gone 5 and gave up less than 8 runs? I do.

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