Another frustrating night for the Yankees, as they lost a game where they had multiple leads. While a 2-2 split in Minnesota isn’t the worst outcome, the Yankees need to start winning some series. I truly expected them to win yesterday and begin moving above .500, but apparently that will have to wait.

Some thoughts:

  • Pettitte just hasn’t been that good this year. His numbers last year weren’t outstanding, but he always seemed to come through when it counted (as cliche as that is). When the Yankees gave him a couple run lead last night, I thought there was no way he’d give it up. Every bad outing he has is likely making money for C.C. Sabathia.
  • There is all sorts of pressure on Joba tonight. Dumb people who want Joba in the bullpen Certain people will be salivating at the prospect of Joba having a bad start. The Yanks have lost two in a row and need a win. Everyone is anticipating big things. Even if Joba goes 4 or 5 innings and only gives up a run or two, that will certainly be spun as a bad start by some media, especially considering that Joba’s facing Roy Halladay and runs will likely be at a premium.
  • Farnsworth will eventually be back to pitching the 7th inning. Whether it’s Ramirez, Ohlendorf, JB Cox, Mark Melancon, Alan Horne, or whoever, the Farnsworth 8th inning experiment is bound to end. (It’s funny to think back about how Farnsworth became a Yankee – obviously they offerred him comparable money to the Braves, but they also told him he would be in line to replace Mariano Rivera. Oops.)
  • Jason Giambi is hitting everything hard. What a turnaround. Oh, and it just happened to coincide with him growing a mustache. Who else has been hot the past week? Johnny Damon. Who is also growing a mustache. Now the real question: is A-Rod capable of growing one?
  • Robinson Cano is still terrible. Shouldn’t he be forbidden to swing at the first pitch until further notice?
  • Everytime it looks like Melky has turned a corner, he goes into a slump.
  • It’s encouraging to see the Yankees finally win an extra-innings game on the road – that was a major flaw of last year’s team.

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