Just in case you missed it

Mike Lupica had this to say yesterday before Joba’s first start:

Now they are so sure they have one in the rock star known as Joba, so sure he is a phenom no matter how they use him, that they fast-track him out of the eighth inning and into a full-time role as a starter. They overreact to another slow start the way they did to a buried Ortiz jersey.

Last year the schoolgirl crush around here was on Phil Hughes. Hughes came out of the bullpen and pitched the way he did against the Indians to keep the Yankee season alive in the playoffs, and suddenly he was somebody classified as a Big Pitcher around here, for a long time.

This article just shows complete ignorance regarding the Yankees. Overreact and put Joba into the starting rotation? That has always been the plan. If Lupica had read anything during spring training, he would know that.

And does Lupica only watch the playoffs? Sure, Hughes did have a good showing in game 3, but he was around long before that (remember that 7-innings of no hit ball in his second start?). Not to mention Hughes was ranked the top pitcher in the minors before last season and a top talent the year before that.

You get the sense that Lupica is either very dense or misinformed; probably both.


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