A team in transition

Well, I think the theme of the 2008 season has been officially established: frustrating.  A terrible loss against a terrible Kansas City team yesterday.  Some thoughts:

  • Is it just me, or do the Yankees have an inordinate amount of guys who always seem to kill them?  Like Jose Guillen this weekend – there are just certain guys who always raise their game against the Yankees.  David Ortiz started as one of those guys, before he began doing it to everyone.
  • How much longer until the Yankees call up Brett Gardner?  Melky has been atrocious and the Yankees have absolutely no speed off the bench (I mean, they were pinch-running Chad Moeller).
  • Why must announcers speculate that “this may be the hit that gets him going” every time Cano does something.  Cano is simply not a good hitter right now and I worry that it’s more than just a slump.  He has poor pitch recognition and swings at everything.  On the bright side, his defense has been tremendous.
  • People who don’t like the Yankees always complain that they “get every call.”  Well, I think that is false in general, but especially so yesterday.  Two of the worst calls I’ve seen all season (and that’s saying something): Melky getting called out at first when he was safe by a full step and A-Rod getting called out on strikes in the first on a ball that was outside and in the dirt (I can’t stress this enough – it was an outrageous call).
  • Along the lines of calling up Brett Gardner: I think it’s obvious that the team we see right now will be very different come August.  The Yankees will have to figure out a way to use Kennedy and Hughes once they return, and relievers Cox and Melancon could well be with the big league team.  Brian Bruney could also return.  I think chances are good that Cashman will unload LaTroy Hawkins on someone (probably Colorado).  As they say, the first half of the year you figure out what you have and then you go out and get what you need.  The Yankees are still trying to figure out what they have.

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