Maybe Hank does get it…

After many annoying comments from Hank, there are some signs that he actually does understand what is going on.

Apparently Hank is now in agreement over the Santana non-trade and definitely wants Cashman back as GM.

It absolutely amazes me how many people still talk about the Santana trade as a missed opportunity for the Yankees.  I realize that Hughes and Kennedy have both been awful so far and that Melky’s bat has turned into spaghetti, but that isn’t actually the point.  The point is, the Yankees didn’t want to sign a declining player to a gigantic contract.  And for the record, Santana most definitely IS declining.  So far this year he’s been decent – not great – pitching in the inferior NL.  How will he be in 3 seasons?  5 seasons?  7 seasons?  You may be able to make the argument that he’s worth $20 million a year this year (and even that’s debatable) but he almost certainly will not be worth what he’s being paid for at least 4 years of his deal (and maybe the entirety of it).

What was supposedly a coup for the Mets was actually a poor trade.  Even if the 3 pitchers don’t pan out, the Twins still turned a declining former ace demanding an albatross contract extension into an everyday CF (which Carlos Gomez certainly is).


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