A look at the standings

Taking a look at the standings a couple things stand out.

First off, no one put the Yankees away when they had the chance. The AL has been a dogfight up until this point, and really only Boston and LA have put any distance between themselves and the rest of the league. Tampa Bay is hanging in there (as is Oakland), but would you bet on them keeping up their current pace? I think they have a bright future, but I’d be surprised to see them make the playoffs this year (ditto, Oakland again).

Keep in mind that the wild card winner this year could very well get in with 90 wins. That’s 9 games over .500. The Yankees are 4 games over right now and have played poor for the most part and dealt with a slew of unfortunate injuries. This team should still win more than 90 games.

The Yankees record on the road? A very respectable 19-18. Boston’s record on the road? 16-21. Why the Red Sox are allowed to play in that sorry excuse for a ballpark (where they are 28-7) is beyond me. It’s the biggest home field advantage in baseball and probably in sports. Brought this up to my Dad who made a good point: why aren’t field dimensions regulated in some way? You don’t see an NFL team say “well, we have a lot of fast receivers, so we’re going to make our field bigger.” I know the Yankees have the short porch in left, but still.


One response to “A look at the standings

  1. Wait till the new stadium my friend…just wait.
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