The prescription: The NL

Just what the Yankees needed: some games against the National League. Good performances all around, even from Kyle Farnsworth, who collected his first save of the season.

  • Speaking of Farnsworth: Joe Girardi is not going to give up on him. Everyone knows he is inconsistent and frustrating, but Girardi is determined to keep the Farns’ confidence high. So while we may see Veras start pitching the 8th inning from time to time, Farnsworth will keep getting his chances too.
  • And speaking of Veras: great effort by him the other night, striking out 3 in a perfect 2 innings. When he can throw that breaking ball for a strike, he is tough (though I guess you could say that about quite a few pitchers).
  • If Chien-Ming Wang is gone for an extended period of time, it will obviously be a big blow to the Yankees. However, I still don’t see them getting into the C.C. Sabathia sweepstakes. Why would Cleveland trade Sabathia unless they get 3 very good prospects back? And the Yankees are too committed now to player development to give up that much youth.
  • Having A-Rod and Posada back completely changes the Yankee lineup. It’s about time they put together a win where they just pummel their opponent.
  • It is definitely not the third base coach’s fault for sending Chien-Ming Wang home; Wang made it easily even hopping on one leg. Even if the game was 10-0 at that point (which it wasn’t, it was still close), you don’t simply refuse to take easy runs.
  • It is absolutely a joke that the NL does not play with a DH. It is the only professional league that doesn’t, including all of the minors. I want to see the best baseball players do what they do best; now one of the game’s best pitchers may be out for an extended period of time because he was forced to run the bases. I don’t want to hear any “it adds more strategy arguments” either. You know what, if you made every NFL team use their running backs as quarterbacks on third down it would add strategy too, but I don’t want to watch Brandon Jacobs throw the ball.

One response to “The prescription: The NL

  1. Just want to make a correction and a comment. on the last bullet point you have. The minor league does not always have a DH. When a nationa league minor league team plays another national league minor league team, the pitchers hit. It only makes sense since if they make it to the majors they will hit.
    Also you need something different in each league, it makes them unique. If not what’s the point of two leagues and might as well make it like the NBA and have a EAST and WEST. Then you would have to reformat the teams.
    Also don’t blame Interleague play. If these pitchers don’t want to hit, then they don’t want to make it to the World Series where they would have to hit in a National League. Leave MLB the way it is.

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