And we’re back… sort of…

Sorry for the lack of updates recently- I’m in the middle of a 6 week grad school program so posting will be a little sporadic. I can’t watch any of the games on TV where I am, which has greatly decreases my desire to write about them.

I did watch pretty much the entire game last night via obviously, yet another frustrating game. But I got to thinking: it’s really a shame Moose couldn’t get win #11 there. If he somehow got 20 this season, wouldn’t he have to be a hall of famer? I know he might not get to 300 and I also know that wins are a meaningless stat, but hall of fame voters don’t think so.

Also, not to reiterate what Pete Abe said in his blog, but wow, Melky is definitely a sure out right now. As to why they keep him in the lineup, my main guess is you have to hope he improves, otherwise he will have no value whatsoever. I know it’s easy to say “he is what he is” at this point, but he’s so young that that’s not necessarily true.


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