Back – but is it too late?

The blogging hiatus (ie grad school) is over, but it appears the Yankees’ season could be too. They are currently 5.5 games out of the wild card; that’s not an impossible deficit to overcome in 38 games but it won’t be easy. The bottom line is the Yankees struggle with every opponent right now so it seems highly unlikely that they can put together the kind of winning streak they need.

The RISP problem has become epic. For years, it has seemed as if the Yankees could never get that “big hit,” but now it is to such an extreme that one can’t help but laugh. I was forced to follow a lot of games via’s gamecast in the past month and when I’d jump in in the middle of a game, I’d always scroll through the past innings and look with amazement how many runners were stranded in scoring position.

Every year, there is always a handful of “good wins” and “bad losses” – and by these I mean games the Yanks either won when they had no business winning or lost when they had every opportunity to win. Well, the bad losses have been tolling up and I keep saying to myself “this can’t possibly last,” only it does.

However, I am the eternal optimist so I am not giving up hope. Remember: this is a rebuilding year.


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