Steve Phillips

I seriously don’t know what’s more unbelievable: that Steve Phillips was once the GM of the NY Mets (who in the hell did he know to get that job?) or that he’s now an analyst on ESPN. The later I find implausible because everyone knows that Phillips was a terrible GM, and now they’re asking him what he would do if he ran an MLB team.

Oh, you mean like the last one he almost ran into the ground?

Makes no sense.

Anyways, he had some things to say about the Yankees yesterday:

Steinbrenner made it seem like injuries were to blame for the Yankees’
fate. Yet, when you look at it closer, the Yankees have used the
disabled list 21 times this year, but so have the Mets — and they are
in first place. The Rays have used the disabled list 20 times, and
they’ve lost Carlos Pena for a period of time, plus Evan Longoria, Carl Crawford and Troy Percival. Yet Tampa Bay is still in first place.

Isn’t the number of times the Yankees have “used” the disabled list a somewhat worthless stat? It doesn’t take into account the severity of the injury or who is hurt. The Yankees have lost their best starter for the entire season (and this happened awhile back) and perhaps their second best starter too. Yes, Pena, Longoria, and Crawford are important players, and Crawford may be done for the season, but ultimately all three didn’t miss that many games and weren’t out simultaneously. The Yankees also lost their starting catcher for essentially the entire year. Catcher is an insanely difficult position to fill, especially when your catcher was Jorge Posada. The Yankees even lost players like A-Rod and Jeter for brief periods of time.

I understand that every team has had injuries and it is a bit of a cop-out to blame all of the Yankees woes on injuries. But simply comparing how many times the Yankees have placed a player on the DL with other teams proves nothing.

General manager Brian Cashman stuck to his guns and refused to give up
their best prospects. I think they still believe they made the right
decision in not seriously pursuing Johan Santana
in the offseason. I understand that logic, but I still would have
pursued Santana. I’d rather have a veteran because young prospects
sometimes get you fired.

Young prospects don’t get you fired, Steve. Giving them away does. And wait – you’d rather have Johan Santana than Phil Hughes and Ian Kennedy this season? Wow! That’s some serious analysis. Every single member of the Yankee front office would have traded away Hughes and Kennedy for Santana if all that mattered was this season. But the prospects weren’t important. How do you think Santana would have done in the AL East this year with his declining fastball and lack of slider? Probably still decent. How would it have faired 7 seasons from now when he’d still be making big money? My guess? Not so well.

They’ve had bullpen issues since Joba Chamberlain moved into the rotation.

I love how he sneaks this in, since we all know Phillips was (and presumably is) a big “Joba should be in the ‘pen” guy. If he actually did any, well, research, he’d know that after Joba moved to the rotation that the bullpen was lights out for over a month. It was actually after the Farnsworth trade that the bullpen had a rough couple weeks.

I have to say, reading stuff like this makes me have a lot of sympathy for Mets fans who had to deal with having this guy as their GM.


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