The Return of Pavano

So it looks like Pavano will be the starter on Saturday and oddly enough it makes sense. Why would the Yankees rush Phil Hughes, a legitimate prospect who has been rushed enough already, when they can actually milk a start out of the 40 million dollar man?

For Pavano’s sake, it’s probably good the game is in Baltimore, so the crowd will only be half Yankees fan booing him.

I actually wouldn’t be surprised to see Pavano have a good start; after all, he needs to fool some team into offering him a contract next season.

I think the Yankees should make Pavano earn his paycheck (well, as much as they can at this point). What if Girardi simply refused to take him out of the game if the score isn’t close? Made him throw 150 pitches until his arm (or worse) blew out?

The sad part of this is I can easily see him signing with the Cardinals next season and winning 18 games.


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