Sometimes it has to get worse before it gets better

Last night played out how last night was supposed to play out. The Yankees have gotten about all they could have expected from Sidney Ponson. Roy Halladay did what he always does to the Yankees: dominated (kind of like Burnett, but at least Halladay is known to dominate other teams too). Did you see some of those pitches last night? Early in the game, Halladay threw a 3-2 curve to Abreu that Abreu had to swing at because it would have been a strike perfectly on the outside corner. But the pitch couldn’t be hit.

This is a game the Yankees are supposed to lose. And that’s fine, there are going to be those games. It’s just too bad they’ve put themselves in a position where they have to win them.

So is there any hope left? Well it’s fading. But on the bright side the Yankees do have 6 games left with Boston. If they swept both series and then merely matched the Sox record against everyone else, they’d tie. (Of course Minnesota or the White Sox could make catching Boston irrelevant.)

Far too optimistic I know, since Ponson, Rasner, and Pavano will be involved. More realistically, the Yankees just need to make sure they take 2 out of 3 in Yankee stadium and then hope they can get the lead to 3 or less heading into the season ending finale at Fenway. By then Joba could be back (and maybe Hughes) and who knows what could happen.

(Phew, I wasn’t sure I could find a way to stay optimistic, but lo and behold…)


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