A-Rod, Pettitte, carry Red Sox to victory

I think the title says it all.

Well, most of it. Pettitte had some bad breaks – mainly, some absolutely atrocious ball-strike calls by the home plate umpire that directly led to a couple of runs being scored. I found this particularly frustrating when the Yankees had 2 on and no one out for Matsui late in the game and he was called out on a 3-2 pitch a good foot outside the plate. Is consistency too much to ask for? Honestly, eventually all this stuff should just be automated.

We all know A-Rod’s struggles by now, so it’s not really worth rehashing. He had multiple chances to take over and didn’t. So did others, but it seemed as if a whole season’s worth of frustration was let out on A-Rod, as the fans booed him mercilessly. It was in a way awkward to watch.

In the end though, it was this teams Achilles heel coming back to haunt them again: hitting with runners in scoring position. It’s been proven again and again that hitting with RISP is a luck stat – but the 2008 Yankees are making me doubt that.


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