End of the line for Ponson?

Joe Girardi following the game today claimed that Ponson would still be in the rotation, but you have to wonder for how long. “He’s in the rotation” has been Girardi’s go-to response this year and with good reason. There is no sense even alluding to the possibility of a change unless you know for sure you’re going to make it.

But all that talk might just be posturing; I don’t care who you are – once you’re staked to an 11-2 lead, you’ve got to go at least 5 innings. Luckily for the Yankees, Phil Coke was added to the roster and Joba and Giese return tomorrow.

If Phil Hughes or Ian Kennedy keep throwing well, you’d have to think they’d be given Ponson’s spot in the rotation – or perhaps even Alfredo Aceves.

On a somewhat related note – I love watching pitchers make their debut and I thought both Aceves and Coke looked very solid. I was particularly impressed with their control. This is exactly why it makes no sense for the Yankees to overpay for mediocre middle relievers – with the number of young arms the Yanks have in the minors, a few of them are bound to work out.


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