It’s the starting pitching. Seriously.

Having consistent starting pitching is everything in baseball. Remember the 2005 Chicago White Sox? Well they had 6 starters start every single game for them all year long. El Duque and Brandon McCarthy split time as the 5th starter (22 and 10 starts respectively). Every other pitcher 1-4 made either 33 or 32 starts.

Well wonder why the Rays are winning this year? You guessed it, consistent starting pitching. They’ve had only 7 starts all year made by a pitcher not in their normal rotation: 5 by Jason Hammel and 2 by Jeff Niemann. That’s it.

When you put a decent pitcher on the mound to start every single day, you’re going to win a lot. End of story.

So when Steve Phillips tries to say the Rays have had just as many injuries, it’s not really true, Carl Crawford aside.

The Rays can keep running Jason Bartlett, Willy Aybar, etc out there and keep winning because their starting rotation is good and healthy.

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