Tabata or Nady?

This from Pete Abe before yesterday’s game:

Ross Ohlendorf is scheduled to start for Pittsburgh tomorrow night.
Jose Tabata in 22 games for Erie: .348/.402/.562. Three homers and 13

From this data, many of the comments concluded the following things: Cashman was an idiot to make this trade and Tabata is clearly the next Manny Ramirez.

First things first: Nady is not a rental. He will play for the Yankees in the future. What has he done as a Yankee in 35 games?

.299/.349/.552, 9 HRs and 27 RBIs.

So because Tabata put up slightly better numbers than that in double-A over a smaller sample size this was a bad trade? The chances that Tabata ends up being as good a player as Nady is right this very minute are very very slim. Is his ceiling higher? Of course. But that’s the nature of being so young.

And after all, the Pirates weren’t going to take Shelley Duncan for Nady. The Yankees had to give up something.


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