Is this even a story?

The NYPost yesterday ran an article entitled “City Will $trike Out If Yankees Miss Playoffs.” Alright, not a crazy premise. No Yankees in the playoffs, that’s bad for the city. I get it.

But the article itself is, well, confusing and most importantly misleading. The first line:

City businesses stand to miss out on making $141 million this fall if the Yankees fail to make the playoffs for the first time in 13 years, according to a study commissioned by The Post.

That’s not really true. If you read the breakdown that’s posted in the side image, the city stands to miss out on that $141 million if the Yankees don’t make the World Series. That’s a bit different than just making the playoffs. Ask anyone who was on the Yankees between 2004 and 2007. Simply going to the Division Series nets about $26 million. So, by my math, that means the Yankees of ’05, ’06, and ’07 all made the city “miss out” on $115 million. How dare they.

Also, how is it possible that these figures don’t take into account the length of a series? Are they just estimates? What if the Yankees played only 3 games in the Division Series, with only 1 at home? Is that the same as a 5 game series?

The NYU adjunct who did this study added this argument as well:

“If they’re not [in the playoffs], you can argue that the city loses money,” he said. “You would think that with such a bloated payroll, the Yankees would make the playoffs.”

This is the kind of attitude that many New Yorkers have that other fans hate: the Yankees should always be in the playoffs simply because they’re the Yankees and they have a lot of money.

Baseball only has 4 teams in each league make the playoffs. Acting as if the Yankees are stealing from the city because they don’t make it is rather flawed logic. Also, the Mets apparently stand to make even more money for NYC (if they went to the WS). So why is this article focused on the Yankees? Actually, why did this article ever even run? Wouldn’t every team in baseball that doesn’t make the playoffs cause their city to miss out on a chance to make more money?


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