Another audition for Andy

I admittedly missed most of last night’s game and I’m glad I did. All there really is to take away is that Andy Pettitte finally had a decent outing, even though he lost. At this point, Andy is auditioning for 2009 – to the Yankees and to himself.

Remember, Pettitte almost retired the past two seasons but didn’t because he still felt good and felt he could help the team. He’s one player who really isn’t all about the money. He’s happy to pack it in at any point; the end of 2008 could be the end for him and I don’t think he’d have any regrets.

At this point though, Pettitte is still healthy, though he might be a bit tired. If I had to put odds on what he does next year, I’d say 50% he comes back to the Yankees, 40% he retires, and 10% he goes back to Houston. I don’t see him doing anything but one of those three options.

As such, it would probably be wise for the Yankees to offer him arbitration, just in case he does decide to go back to the Astros and pitch near home (and this way the Yankees would collect some draft picks). Yes, that does mean he could accept and get another $16 million deal, which is an overpayment for a single season, but truth is the Yankees aren’t going to be able to sign him for that much less anyways. And it’s still a one year commitment, which will help keep the Yankees payroll somewhat flexible, since we know there will be at least 1 or 2 long term deals coming this winter with other players.


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