Some things still worth watching

My posting has been slowing down as the Yankees playoff chances dwindle to zero, but there have been a few good things going on in Yankee-land:

* Alfredo Aceves.  One good start doesn’t really mean anything.  If I recall, Tyler Clippard and Brandon Claussen, just to name two off the top of my head, came up at one point in past seasons and gave good first starts.  Hell, Aaron Small had like 10 of them.  And as Pete Abe reminds us, Ian Kennedy looked pretty damn good at the end of last season.

However, if you’re looking for reasons to keep watching the Yankees, Aceves is a good one.  Maybe he only ends up being a bullpen guy (or worse), but the Yankees need to see what they have for next season.   At this point, Aceves’ potential far exceeds that of Ponson or Rasner.

He wore a Yankee uniform and defeated the Angels.  That almost seems impossible.

* Phil Coke.  Coke has looked very good in relief since being called up from Triple-A.  Could he finally be a solid home grown lefty out of the bullpen?  I was able to talk myself into Sean Henn not too long ago, so I can probably do the same with Coke.  Hopefully the results will differ. 

Does Coke make Marte expendable, or do the Yankees pull the trigger on Marte’s $6 million option?  Though 6 is probably too much, I think the Yanks still do it and bring him back.  The more bullpen options you have, the better the chance that some of them work out.

* Phil Hughes.  Hughes dominated his last start for Scranton in the playoffs.  He might have one more Triple-A start coming.  After that, I can’t see any reason why the Yankees would continue to run Ponson out there when Phil Franchise could be getting some needed experience.


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