Posada deal could still work out

As of right now, resigning Jorge Posada looks like a pretty bad deal.  He already missed most of this season due to injury and could be in decline.  At $13 million a year, Posada appears to be vastly overpaid and he probably is.  However, as Jason at IIATMS speculates, Posada has been sorely missed – more so than other offensive players.  Jason links to a NYTimes article that discusses Posada’s leadership; that’s something I can’t really speak to, obviously, but from an offensive standpoint, Posada is really a special player.

Before his injury, Posada was probably the best offensive catcher in the game and while he wasn’t going to win a gold glove, his defense had actually improved over the years and he definitely wasn’t a liability on that end. 

Sure the Yankees missed Matsui and other various hitters at times due to injury and general awfulness (Cano and Melky) but those are all positions that can be replaced.  The Yankees found Nady.  They can get another CF (and more on that in a future post).  They can even find another 2B if Cano completely tanks (which I don’t think will happen). 

But where are the Yankees going to find another catcher like Posada?  They need Posada for the next couple seasons until either Montero, Romine, or one of their other prospects is ready. 

Posada may not be a triple crown guy, but he works the count, draws walks, and hits for power.  All those games this season when the Yankees were just that one hit away could have been vastly different if Posada was batting in place of free swinging Molina or Pudge. 

So if you’re the Yankees and you have a lot of money, isn’t it worth risking it on Posada, just for the chance he can still be fairly close to his usual self for a portion of the next 3 seasons?  Of course, they have to take the risk at this point because the contract is done, but the point is it might not be as terrible a contract as it currently looks.


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  1. Thanks for the link. I like your site; I’ll add it to my daily circuit and blogroll.

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