A double-header split

*  I couldn’t even watch all of that first game.  I’m surprised the Yankees didn’t have a little more emotion, just because Moose was on the mound.  That said, I was pleased with the fight the Yankees showed in the second.  I was expecting them to roll over and they didn’t.

*  Mussina hasn’t been great the past month, but the key with him now compared to last year is the amount of strikeouts.  Yesterday he pitched pretty poorly and still struck out 7 over 5 innings.   He has 137 Ks to only 27 walks.  With that kind of ratio, you’re going to keep your team in the game.

*  Yes, the offense has been a huge disappointment this year, but the pitching staff isn’t exactly lights out.  Mussina and Pettitte are the Yanks’ 1-2 right now; they could very well end up being the 4-5 next season if they return.  I’m amazed by the amount of people who think there is no chance the Yanks will be “good again” anytime soon (the reason for the quotes: the Yanks are still pretty good – if they were in the NL West they’d be in the playoffs – more on this later).  There is no chance the Yankees offense will underperform this badly next season, even if they make no changes (which is doubtful).  Their pitching will almost certainly be bolstered, from Wang and Joba if nothing else.  This team will compete next season.

*  I’m afraid to jinx him, but you gotta like what Phil Coke’s been doing.  I’ll leave it at that.

*  You gotta hate what Sidney Ponson’s been doing (you know, that whole “struggling to get past the 4th inning” thing).  Hopefully, that’s the last we see of him.


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