Where have you gone, Joe Torre?

Common question in Yankee-land: how would the Yankees be doing this year if Joe Torre were still the manager?  The answer, of course, is probably about the same or a little bit worse.  Girardi, while certainly not perfect, has at least kept his bullpen from being burnt out and as I’ve said before, the hitting with runners in scoring position thing has been a Yankee problem for multiple years now.  It’s not a Girardi thing. 

In today’s Journal News:

Not only might Joe Torre lead the injury-riddled Dodgers to the playoffs, he might end up with more victories than the Yankees. He even has Manny Ramirez playing hard every day. They’ll never admit it, but the Yankees made a mistake pushing him out the door.

Really?  The only way it could be a mistake is from a PR standpoint: it may have looked better if Torre had managed the Yankees this year, missed the playoffs, and then was let go. 

Congrats to Joe on getting Manny to play hard when he’s 2 months away from a new contract and trying to stick it to his old club.  That’s quite a feat.

Also, the fact that Joe Torre is about to make the playoffs with the Dodgers doesn’t really mean anything.  They have one of the most talented teams in the NL, yet have underperformed all year.  Without a Manny-inspired surge, they wouldn’t be going to the playoffs.  There record just recently stabilized above .500. 

From Fire Joe Morgan (on the absurd notion that Ned Colletti and Joe Torre have done a great job this season) :

Here is a list of teams with winning percentages greater than that of the Los Angeles Dodgers baseball organization:

Tampa Bay Rays
Boston Red Sox
Toronto Blue Jays
New York Yankees
Chicago White Sox
Minnesota Twins
Los Angeles Angels
New York Mets
Philadelphia Phillies
Chicago Cubs
Milwaukee Brewers
Houston Astros
St. Louis Cardinals

Yes,the Los Angeles Collettis are tied for the 14th-best record in baseball. The Florida Marlins also sit at 77-72, but keep in mind that Marlins GM Larry Beinfest had the luxury of a $22,650,000 payroll, whereas Ned had to make to with just $118,188,536. Juggling the egos of guys who make more than the entire Marlins pitching staff isn’t easy!


Somehow, the fact of the existence of Juan Pierre and Andruw Jones on the payroll and the fact that it required one hundred-some-odd games and the addition of a Hall of Fame outfielder to compel Torre to bench Messrs. Pierre and Jones are now points in Colletti’s and Torre’s favor? This is the equivalent of two gardeners driving to your house, digging a twenty-foot hole in your front yard with a backhoe, buying two bags of sand, pouring the bags into the hole, and then getting lavished with praise for the sand part of the whole operation.

I realize that the Yankees also have many teams with better records than them with lower payrolls.  But the fact remains: Joe Torre’s Dodgers have not been good this year.  They are lucky to play in the worst division in baseball.  And that is why they will make the playoffs.


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