Should the Yankees “blow it up”?

Rumor has it, the Yankees are going to let both Abreu and Giambi walk at year’s end.  The same could be for Pettitte and Mussina.  I think most Yankee fans would welcome this change; my first reaction is, yes, let them go, let’s get younger.

But if you take a closer look, cleaning house and “blowing up” the Yankees, so to speak, could be a major overreaction.

I know this is a symptom of New York, but people (media, bloggers, fans) seem unable to really put things in perspective.  The Yankees right now are on pace to finish 87-75.  That’s despite the slew of injuries and all the RISP problems that have haunted the Yankees.  If you think about it, if they had just pulled out a couple more of those game or had one less major injury, they’d still be at least in the Wild Card conversation. 

The 2000 Yankees, who were beloved and won the World Series, finished 87-74.  So really, is this years team all THAT terrible?

The answer is no.  The 2008 Yankees are a good team with some bad luck.  It happens.  Ask Boston and Cleveland.   Because Boston has had recent success, everyone forgets that they only won 86 games in 2006.

So while it’s obvious the Yankees need to make some changes, cleaning house is probably a bad idea.  Even if they bring back the same team next season, there is a pretty good chance they’ll make the playoffs – at least as good a chance as the Rays had going into this year.

So when it comes to the Big 4 Free Agents, the Yankees should probably bring back at least 1 or 2 of them.  The big argument is that the Yankees should instead sign players who are “entering their prime.”  Well, that is very dangerous, because players in their primes require long term, high money contracts.  If the Yankees do resign some of their veterans, it will be for a minimal commitment. 

Sure, Teixiera looks pretty good now, but in 7 or 8 years he could easily be the next aging, over-paid, former All-Star.  


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