Starting pitcher roulette

Last offseason, there were 3 major pitching prizes to be had via trade: Johan Santana, Erik Bedard, and Dan Haren.  All 3 came with hefty price tags, both in terms of talent and in terms of dollars.  The Yankees passed and some fans and media have criticised them for doing so.

Well now, via Jason at IIATMS, it looks like the next transaction Bedard could be a part of is being non-tendered, because his career could be over due to labrum surgery. (By the way, this is a topic for a different post, but how poorly run are the Mariners?  Just awful.) 

This is exactly why the Yankees stayed away from those hefty price tags.  Sure, Santana and Haren have held up so far, but for how long?  This question is especially apt for Santana, who has already showed diminished stuff and has a monster contract. 

So how does this impact the Yankees offseason plans this year?  I still think signs point to Sabathia.  When it comes to pitching, health is often times paramount to stuff.  Sure, both Sheets and Burnett are nasty pitchers when they’re on the field.  But they both have poor medical records.  Sabathia, while also clearly a great pitcher, has been healthy.  That’s most important when looking at a free agent pitcher.  Call it the Carl Pavano corollary.


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