The time is right

I thought the Yankees final game in Yankee stadium was well done.  Sure it was cheesy at times, but that comes with the territory.  As much as I generally dislike ESPN’s coverage of the Yankees, they went all out covering this event.  They devoted almost 12 hours worth of continuous programming to the stadium.  This almost made up for the game being announced by Joe Morgan and having to listen to John Kruk ramble on in the pregame (An aside- Kruk seems like a nice enough guy, but there is absolutely no way that he should be in a profession that requires public and/or unscripted speaking.  It’s just that simple.)

There have been a lot of “my Yankee Stadium memories” type stories circulating about and it’s easy to get nostalgic.  The blue padding and the facade and everything else has been the home of baseball for me for a good number of years.  But when I look back at some of my favorite memories, it’s not the stadium that matters, it’s the players and the fans.  Don Mattingly hitting a homerun in the postseason for the first time while the announcer screams “hold on to the roof!”  The comebacks against the Diamondbacks.  Aaron Boone.  Those moments happened in Yankee Stadium but not because of it.

It’s time to move on.  The greatest franchise in sports should have the greatest venue; a venue that’s great because of its design as well as the team that plays there. 


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