“Fixing” the Yankees

I’m a sucker for reading Yankee articles, obviously (though they generally just make me annoyed so I feel compelled to blog about it).  I’m particularly a sucker for those “what the Yankees should do” type articles.

Well, Joe Sheehan of BP already has one up.  Let’s take a look:

The key thing to remember is that the 2008 Yankees are not a bad baseball team, and in fact, were MLB to send its top eight teams by merit alone, these Yankees would probably be included. They’re tied for eighth in MLB in wins and winning percentage, and when you consider that they’ve put up their 85-71 mark in the toughest division in baseball history, that record understates their performance.

This is one of the most intelligent things I’ve read about the Yankees and I’m not joking.  The Yankees, despite all their injuries and hitting issues, were still a good team this year.  So what to do?

Sign Mark Teixeira

I’d love to have Teixeira.  But at what cost?  Boras is said to be looking for $200 million.  You’d have to think that 100 would be the limit, realistically.  And also, 7 years at most, otherwise the Yankees will end up with many of the same problems they have now.

Try to bring back Bobby Abreu

I agree with this one.  I think they should offer Abreu arbitration and if they can work out a 1-2 year deal, do it.  Otherwise, take the draft picks.

Avoid the pitchers

I agree with this to an extent; Burnett, Sheets, Dempster, etc all look like this season’s Pavanos and Clements.  I don’t know about Sabathia, however.  Sure, he’s a little burly, but so was David Wells.  Sabathia is an elite talent and if you’re going to pay for pitching, he’s the type of guy you want.  I think the Yankees have to offer Sabathia something competitive.  If the bidding gets out of control, by all means walk away.  But the Yanks should be in the discussion.

Put Joba Chamberlain in the rotation and leave him alone

I still think the Yankees will need to watch his innings limit, but otherwise… Amen!

Re-sign Mussina or Pettitte

Also agree strongly.  I think they should make both competitive offers.  Which leads us to…

Pick up Carl Pavano’s option

No.  They just can’t.  Even if his market value in the past month has really reached the point where it would be a good business decision.  The Yankees should only pick up his option if they know they can then trade him for something, like Sheffield a few years back.  I realize that Pavano is better than Ponson or Rasner, but he hasn’t been better than Aceves.  And anyways, why bring back only one of Pettitte or Mussina and then bring back Pavano?  Wouldn’t the Yankees be better of just bringing back both Pettitte and Mussina?  I think so.

Don’t touch the bullpen

Also agreed.  Bullpen arms from other teams don’t succeed.  They just don’t.  How many more times does it have to be proven?  The Yanks have a ton of depth in pitching, especially with Melancon on his way.  Let the young kids get it done.

Sheehan fails to mention Bruney when he discusses the bullpen or the option of Coke or Aceves actually sticking as a starter.

Overall though, I think this is a very well reasoned plan.  I’m sure there will be countless more of these in the coming days.  Why would Brian Cashman leave as Yankee GM?  It’s obvious it’s everyone’s favorite job to pretend to have.


One response to ““Fixing” the Yankees

  1. tex – agreed, gg, switch hitting 1b with good average and obp… exactly what we need there. i would go 7 yrs 100+ on him no problem

    cc – he is way more athletic than colon or wells ever were, is a fierce competitor and left handed k pitcher… i would give the money, if he flops we can afford to carry the salary but i cant see him pulling a zito

    pen i agree, we have stud arms aplenty and dont need to waste money and spots on fuentes or any other overpriced pen arm

    the pavano era is over, period.

    joba belongs in the rotation: you want to get the most innings out of that dominant an arm, granted maybe with an innings limit but you can rotate joba, hughes and aceves to protect them and our pen should be fine.

    my last move would be trade for ichiro. give them damon and horne or even kennedy if need be, but they have had chemistry issues with him, are looking to rebuild and he would be an upgrade in every respect to damon – more hits/obp, sb, and better defense. he would allow us to just offer arb to abreu and take picks if he walks (ichiro rf, gardner cf) or we could plug him into cf with abreu rf, nady lf.

    i would love to see moose or pettite back to help mentor our young arms, just not both. a good alternative if they both leave might be to try and get the m’s to throw bedard into the deal (maybe throw in horne & kennedy, kontos and britton/robertson all of whom have value but might not ever earn a secured roster spot on this team) and see if he cant regain his 06-07 form. we have fallback options with hughes/aceves/giese/rasner but a rotation of cc, wang, and 3-4 of pettite/moose/bedard/joba/hughes/aceves makes me feel a lot more confident then what we were fielding this year.

    last thing id do is try to upgrade the bench with a guy like freel from the reds (maybe melky and albadejo/britton could pull that off since he seems to have lost bakers favor). he can play almost any position, is the gritty type we havent had in years and can swipe bags and leadoff if need be.

    thats what id like to see and its farfetched but this is all speculation anyways, right?

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