These games are still important

At this point in the season, it almost benefits the Yankees more to lose and get a higher position in next Spring’s draft, but it’s impossible for me to cheer for something like that.

Which brings us to last night’s game, which, despite the Yankees elimination from playoff contention, was still very exciting. 

Phil Hughes finally showed some of his promise, pitching 8 innings of 2 run ball.  Over 70% of his pitches were strikes and if he continues to pound the strike zone with the stuff he has, particularly his crazy curve ball, he will be successful.

If, and this is always a big if with young pitchers, he can stay healthy, Phil Hughes will be a productive starter for the Yankees.  Maybe he won’t be an “ace,” but he’ll be a quality player, and to be honest, I like the idea of him slotting in behind Wang and Chamberlain and maybe even Sabathia depending on how the offseason goes. 

Bobby Abreu’s grand slam accentuated that he can still be an impact player.  His recent success though might price him out of the Yankees’ plan (I know, it’s absurd to think of the Yankees ever being priced out, but it could happen).  The Yankees want low commitment, ie shorter length, deals, and if someone offers Abreu 4 years I can’t imagine the Yankees matching it.


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