What to watch? Yankees or the debates?

Weird scene at Fenway last night, as the place was half empty for a Yankee game for the first time I can ever remember.  I’ll even admit, I watched most of this game via highlights, as I was watching the debates instead.

*  Cody Ransom had a few more home runs against awful pitching; maybe he’s not the answer as an everyday player, but he’d have to be an upgrade over Wilson Betemit, right?

*  Andy Pettitte’s shoulder will be fine, as an MRI showed no real damange, just inflammation.  All signs seem to point to him coming back for one more year.  Despite pitching the second half with a sore shoulder, Pettitte still led the team in innings pitched and posted a mid-4’s ERA.  A healthy Pettitte next season should be a productive player.


This is certainly not a political forum, nor am I anything of an expert on politics.  But what is with John McCain’s jaw?  Why does he always speak without moving his teeth?  Is he just always really, really angry?

I also found it very funny that after Joe Biden gave a follow up interview that Sarah Palin “declined to be interviewed,” instead being replaced by Rudy Guiliani.  If Palin can’t even handle these simple things, why was she even made the VP candidate?  Is there anyway Thursday’s VP debates go well for her?  And speaking of Guiliani, what is going on with his eye brows?  They’re more disturbing than John Madden’s at this point.  He looks like Uncle Leo from Seinfeld after Leo burnt his face.

I think there could be a good drinking game developed, based on the number of times McCain says “Pork Barrel,” “Fundamental,” “Maverick,” or tells a story about someone he knows or somewhere he’s been.  Yeah John, I get it.  You’re like 150 yeas old so you’ve visited every place in the world.  Good work.


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