Still waiting…

My initial thought was that the sooner we heard from Cashman, the better in terms of his returning to the Yankees.  However, I have since wavered on that; after all, if Cashman decides to return, he first has to hammer out a new contract.

Lots of news sources have Cashman themed articles up today.  This from John Harper and the Daily News:

After all, despite whatever revisionist history the Cashman camp seems to be leaking to the media lately about the Santana deal, it was his call to turn down all trade proposals from the Twins and build a new championship era with his prized young pitchers.

It was also his call to hire Joe Girardi over Don Mattingly.

So based on the 2008 season, Cashman is 0-for-2 on those two big decisions, considering that Girardi’s flaws, most notably his control-freak nature and his uptight manner, only made the departed Joe Torre’s stature grow by comparison.

Okay, I understand the first part somewhat.  Media people are by general shortsighted, so I guess they’re never going to understand that passing on Santana was a good move not for 2008, but for the future.  But whatever. (Though just you watch what they have to say about the Mets when Santana is declining and making a ton of money.)

The second part I find truly astounding.  Girardi still put an 89 win team on the field despite a pitching staff that included Sidney Ponson and Darrell Rasner for a long period of time.  Don Mattingly would have done better?  The same Don Mattingly who has never managed at any level?  The same Don Mattingly whose family issues caused him to step down from his duties as hitting coach with the Los Angeles Dodgers?  Somehow, that man would have managed the Yankees to over 90 wins?  Even if we just assume that Mattingly would be a fine manager, which is a big if, his off the field problems this year would have been an absolute nightmare in New York.  Mattingly himself said that it was a good thing he didn’t get the job.

As for Joe Torre, whatever.  I don’t think the Yankees go to the playoffs in 2008 with Joe Torre as their manager.  Some agree, some don’t.  


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