More Predictions

I’m going to go back and review my preseason predictions shortly, but before the games start today I’m going to offer up my own playoff predictions, because, well, everyone likes predictions.


Tampa over ChiSox in 4 games

Angels over Red Sox in 5 games

In both cases I am going with the team with the deeper pitching staff.

Angels over Tampa in 6 games


Milwaukee over Philadelphia in 4 games

The Brewers seem like the hot team this season.

over Dodgers in 4 games

We know how Joe Torre teams do in 5 game series.

Milwaukee over Cubs in 7 games


Angels over Milwaukee in 5 games

And the big question remains: do I cheer against C.C. Sabathia?  Doesn’t every win he gets make him $10 million more expensive for the Yankees come the offseason?


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