C.C.’s arm goes home for the winter

In general, I like the Brewers as much as I like any team that isn’t the Yankees.  However, I was rooting for them to be eliminated by the Phillies just so the endless abuse of C.C. Sabathia could finally end. (And I realize this is a typical “Yankee fan” assumption that the Yankees can and will sign anyone they want; for the record I do not think it is a given Sabathia will pitch in New York next season – more on that later.)
Sabathia’s final 4 starts of the season all came on short rest.  During the second half of the season for the Brewers, he never had a start where he threw less than 97 pitches and routinely threw over 120. 

In Sabathia’s final start, he only went 3 and 2/3 innings.  Was he worn out?  Could he not handle the pressure of the postseason?  Did he just have a bad start?

Last year Sabathia also pitched poorly in the postseason after another season with a heavy workload.  The “media storyline,” so to speak, is that he is indeed overworked. 

However, if Sabathia does come to the Yankees, you have to think that his next postseason start will have a lot of pressure; if Sabathia does pitch poorly again, he could gain the infamous “unclutch” label. 

Ultimately though, Sabathia’s postseason struggles this year are good for the Yankees as Sabathia can’t rack up further mileage and also has not made his stock rise any further (thus increasing his cost).        


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